The primary building block of the Eosomes is an engineered modular protein designed to incorporate all the required functionalities that provide efficient packaging and delivery of a therapeutic payload:

  • Receptor Binding & Uptake Peptide: This peptide acts as a homing signal to deliver the Eosomes to a specific disease cell based on a lock and key recognition of a cell surface receptor and initiates receptor-mediated endocytosis
  • Membrane Penetration & Intracellular Trafficking Peptide: This peptide mediates active escape from the endosome and penetration of the Eosomes to the inside of the cell where the packaged therapeutic is released in a concentrated fashion
  • Therapeutic Binding Peptide: This peptide is designed to capture the therapeutic during assembly of the Eosomes

The protein is produced in bacteria and purified as a full length functional entity.

When the protein is combined with a designated therapeutic, the protein captures the therapeutic through noncovalent interaction, and spontaneously self-assemble into the Eosomes without any additional extrinsic manipulation.

The protein can be readily modified to adapt the Eosomes to deliver different therapeutics to different tissues.  This versatility represents a unique feature of our Eosomes technology and positions it as a platform technology applicable to multiple disease areas and therapeutic modalities.

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Properties of the Eosomes

  • Small size, <100nm, facilitates extravasation, tissue penetration and retention
  • Package a variety of therapeutics including single or double strand oligonucleotides, siRNA, mRNA, plasmid DNA, small molecule therapeutics, peptides and proteins
  • Specifically target disease cells through attachment to a selected cell surface receptor and efficiently internalize through receptor-mediated endocytosis
  • Mediate active endosomal escape to allow delivery of the therapeutic payload to the interior of a target cell, avoiding lysosomal degradation
  • Can be readily adapted to deliver a therapeutic to many different tissue types
  • Stable in circulation
  • Currently administered through intravenous injection
  • Manufacturing is straightforward and scalable

Competition: Other Drug-Targeting Technologies

The Eosomes technology differentiates from other drug-targeting technologies:

  • The only technology utilizing an engineered protein as the basis for the nanoparticle composition which allows for more efficient production, and more effective therapeutic packaging and delivery
  • Eosomes do not require post manufacturing functionalization as with other nanoparticle technologies that rely on chemical conjugation of targeting peptides
  • Smaller diameter particles (<100nm) provide more efficient extravasation and tumor penetration, which may improve the Eosomes EPR (Enhanced Permeability and Retention)
  • The ability of Eosomes to escape the endosomal compartment through membrane penetration is a unique feature that results in efficient delivery of the therapeutic payload to the interior of the target cell
  • Specific affinity for nucleoside and nucleotide therapeutic payloads that are considered very promising treatment modalities that have not lived-up to expectations due to poor stability in circulation, and lack of efficient targeting to the disease tissue. Adapting the Eosomes technology to delivering this class of therapeutics represents a significant growth potential for the Company
  • Ability of the HE3-targeted Eosomes to cross the blood brain barrier allows for systemic treatment of brain and CNS diseases