Expanding the application of the Eosomes to other disease indications and therapeutic modalities

In addition to developing our proprietary products, Eos will be actively seeking partnerships for co-development of products or licensing our technology for specific disease indications.

  • Therapeutic payloads of the Eosomes will be modified to expand their utility.

  • RNAi and related therapeutics (e.g. siRNA, miRNA, etc.)
    • Significant data completed validating the technology using HER2-specific siRNA payload
  • mRNA, single chain DNA oligonucleotides, plasmid DNA (gene targeting)
    • Data available for all three classes
  • Other chemotherapeutics
    • Significant data completed validating the technology using a novel class of small molecule therapeutics for multiple indications
  • Eosomes will be modified to contain different cell targeting peptides thus expanding the potential disease applications (e.g. cardiovascular disease, virology, immune disorders, metabolic diseases, genetic disorders)
  • Eosomes will be applied to assist in imaging technology for disease identification, localization, and tracking

Competition: Other Drug-Targeting Technologies

The field of Nanomedicines and targeted drug delivery is of great interest in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries with many companies attempting to develop proprietary delivery systems.  The Eosomes technology differentiates from other drug-targeting technologies:

  • The only technology utilizing an engineered protein as the basis for the nanoparticle composition which allows for more efficient production, and more effective therapeutic packaging and delivery
  • Eosomes do not require post manufacturing functionalization as with other nanoparticle technologies that rely on chemical conjugation of targeting peptides
  • Smaller diameter particles (<50nm) provide more efficient extravasation and tumor penetration, which may improve the Eosomes EPR (Enhanced Penetration and Retention)
  • The ability of Eosomes to escape the endosomal compartment through membrane penetration is a unique feature that results in efficient delivery of the therapeutic payload to the interior of the target cell
  • Specific affinity for nucleoside and nucleotide therapeutic payloads that are considered very promising treatment modalities that have not lived-up to expectations due to poor stability in circulation, and lack of efficient targeting to the disease tissue. Adapting the Eosomes technology to delivering this class of therapeutics represents a significant growth potential for the Company