The current Product Pipeline Is Targeted to Solid Tumors

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Description and Properties of Eos-001

  • First Product: Eos-001 (HER3-targeted Eosomes with doxorubicin payload) in preclinical development.
  • First application: Hard-to-treat HER2+ refractory or drug resistant cancers (express highly elevated levels of HER3 receptor), and Triple Negative breast cancer (TNBC).
  • Extensive scientific data is available validating the advantages and utility of Eos-001 in cancer cell lines and tumor engrafted mouse models.
  • Lower dose of targeted doxorubicin required
  • Improved safety profile for targeted doxorubicin (e.g. no damage to heart tissue)
  • Eos-001 is highly effective against first-line drug-resistant breast cancer cells and tumors
  • Selection of Therapeutic
    • Doxorubicin is a well characterized and effective chemotherapeutic
    • Doxorubicin remains a component of combination therapy
    • Doxorubicin is off patent

Eos-001 Competition: Other Doxorubicin Products

Currently, doxorubicin is marketed in various forms including native generic forms as liposomal formulation (branded product), or conjugated to albumin.  In addition, other forms of nanoparticle-based doxorubicin approaches are being investigated. Eos-001 differentiates from other marketed products in very impactful ways:

  • Eos-001 is a specifically targeted product that delivers doxorubicin to the interior of the target cell limiting systemic exposure and resulting in higher efficacy at a lower dose and improved safety profile.
  • Eos-001 exhibits promising tumor EPR (Enhanced Penetration and Retention).
  • Eos-001 is uniquely highly active against HER2+ cells and tumors resistant to first-line therapies, and triple-negative breast cancer tumors.