Current Portfolio of Eosomes

Eos Biosciences’ internal drug development program is focused on applying the Eosomes technology to treating cancer. To that end, we currently have two classes of Eosomes that collectively target a large variety of solid tumors using two receptors that are highly expressed on invasive, metastatic, and drug-resistant tumors:

  • HER 3-targeted Eosomes
    • HER3 is a Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor over-expressed on many types of tumors and drug-resistant tumors. Heregulin is the identified natural ligand for HER3
    • HER3 is highly expressed on the Blood Brain Barrier, which mediates the translocation of the HER3-targeted Eosomes into the brain parenchyma
  • c-Met-targeted Eosomes
    • c-Met is the Receptor Tyrosine Kinase (RTK) expressed on cells of endothelial-epithelial origin. c-Met is over-expressed on many types of tumors. Hepatocyte Growth Factor is the identified natural ligand for c-Met

Both classes of Eosomes have been tested with a variety of therapeutics in laboratory assays using cell cultures and in xenograft mouse models for human cancer

  • Integrin-targeted Eosomes
    • In addition, Eos Biosciences has a class of Eosomes that target and bind primarily to αvβ3 and αvβ5 integrins
    • Can be used in broad applications